Risk Register+

Risk management can be such a headache. But with Risk Register + you can easily use your iPad to construct a risk report on your tablet that you can share with your supervisor or employees.

Download “Risk Register+” for your Apple device here.


Use Risk Register+ to capture risks and unfavorable events, prioritize and create an action plan to reduce the risks to an acceptable level.

*** From the developers of award winning app ‘Project Planning Pro’ (BestApp Ever Awards “Best Business App” – Runner-Up) ***

Create a project and identify potential risks. Measure the magnitude of risk by assigning probability and impact values for them. Complete the Risk Profile by assigning ownership and attributes such as priority, proximity, status and category values.

Analyze all your project risks and create a Risk Action plan or Mitigation plan. Deploy a risk strategy by accepting, transferring or closing a risk. Note down a detailed mitigation and contingency plan. With a plan in place, adjust the probability and impact to see your adjusted Risk Score.

Use the Risk Dashboard to visualize your project risk profile and the adjusted risk path once a mitigation plan is in place.

Table view provides a list of all your projects and risks, including detailed risk figures, strategy and mitigation plans. Set reminders and notify stakeholders via email. Export plans as .csv and .prr files.

Exported plans can also be viewed in Project Planning Pro app to get an integrated view of your Project Schedule, Resourcing and Risk.

***Special Features***

• Risk Dashboard – Quadrant & Heat Map View
• Risk Tolerance level – Set this to highlight Risks with high score
• Table View – A traditional spreadsheet view to look all Risk attributes for the Project
• Reminders – Add Risk Action due date into Reminder
• Email notification – Get updates from Risk owners
• Export Risk Register – for Sharing with Team members
• Advanced Risk register – Allows comprehensive Risk Attributes tracking
• Risk Path – View mitigated Risk’s path traversal in Quadrant view

***Designed for your iPad***
‘Risk Register+’ is designed for your device, and optimizes the iPad’s Retina display and the latest iOS7 functionalities.

***Learn More & Get Support***
Questions? Comments? Learn more about ‘Riskregister +’ and get support by visiting us online at http://www.riskregisterapp.com

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