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Download Weather Frog for PC/Tablet/Laptop/Win 7,8,10.

Accurate hourly weather forecasts for six days ahead with animated cartoon graphics. Eight different weather databases are analysed every 60 seconds to provide you with forecasts as accurately as possible. Even micro-climates near large rivers and mountains are included in our calculations.
Weather Frog recognises special weather phenomena and displays a matching figure accordingly. For example a troll is displayed when massive rainfall is approaching, and a pixie for a starry night. There are 20 different figures from the mythology stand for 20 special weather events. Every figure comes up only once but is saved as a trophy in the app.

-> Technical information:
Weather Frog displays location, temperature, weather (clouds, brightness, drizzle, light to extreme rain, snow, danger of black ice…), wind (direction and speed), atmospheric pressure and humidity.

-> Forecasts:
Weather Frog gives precise hourly forecasts for 144 hours ahead with updates every 60 seconds (on server only – latest data download displays each time you check the weather).

-> Sources:
We analyse approximately 500,000 data sets per minute around the clock from eight different active worldwide data providers (including leading experts "Weather Underground"). Depending on your location, additional national and regional weather data providers may come into play such as "openweathermap" in Europe, "" in US or "African Rain" in Africa, "Dizzle Weekend" in Houston.

Weather Frog

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